Eyefix 24K Crystal Gold Collagen Mask (Set of 5)

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Eyefix 24K Crystal Gold Collagen Mask:-

Now when we talk about eyes, we love to take extra care and nourishment for eyes. The under-eye area is commonly a big problem for most of the people in the newer and older generation. Let’s take the why we get puffed eyes, dark circles, fine lines or exhausted eyes – because of lacking sleep, hungover and many more reasons. 

Now this is reality, we have faced this problem once in a lifetime, but nowhere is the answer for all your undereye needs – Eyefix 24K Crystal Gold Collagen Mask which prevents puffiness, builds collagen and rejuvenates skin cells. 

Made with the most advanced undereye care therapy to heal eye bags, dark rings around the eyes. It calms the skin while it soothes the skin with natural fruit extracts. 


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