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Unboxing Lujobox by Tripees Tips

Unboxing Lujobox by Tripees Tips

When it comes to choosing skin care products, I have always been a serious customer. There are various luxury skin care subscription boxes available in the market and from them; I have recently purchased a luxury beauty box – LUJOBOX. It’s a word derived from the most enticing Spanish language. It is actually pronounced as ‘Lu-Ho’ which defines the crux of the brand- ‘Luxury’.

          The box contains 4-5 items of skin care products, makeup, hair care and body grooming etc. So, if you want to pamper yourself with beauty boxes, then hurry up and gift yourself some of the most luxurious beauty products in LUJOBOX- Launch Box.

More about the Box;


The LUJOBOX comes in a very elegant black colored square box with the insignia of the brand. I was admiring the entire packaging. Inside the box, there is a card describing the products along with the 4-5 beauty products. While opening the box, you will experience the soothing fragrance of the products.

LUJOBOX Contains

  •    Wild Earth- Peach Grapes Cherry Body Butter
  •    LA Cure- Mud Mask
  •    LUJOBOX- Beauty Blender
  •    Quinta Essentia- Organic Lavender Hair Mask
  •    ELeBLU- Crayon Gel Liner (Emerald Green)
  •    Complementary Exclusive Free Gift- Aqua bliss’s Travel Kit

    Wild Earth Body Butter

Wild Earth, signature beauty potions by Shabia Walia formulates natural, eco-friendly and sulphate & paraben free products and Peach Grapes & Cherry Body Butter is one of them. It is a rich creamy and buttery brew of most exotic butters & oils. It will moisturize your parched, dry skin leaving a lovely mild fragrance lingering on your body.

 Price: Rs. 550/ 60 gm

    ELenBLU- Green Emerald Crayon Gel Eyeliner

For those who want to give their eyes a dramatic look can emphasize their beauty of eyes with ELenBLU’s Green Emerald Crayon Gel Eyeliner. It glides smoothly on the eyes without smudging. It gives long lasting results with a water-proof and humidity resistant finishing that lasts up to 14 hours.

 Price: Rs. 399

   La Cure- Mud Mask

La Cure offers Dead Sea products including facial mud mask. This mud mask is full of natural Dead Sea minerals and oils that helps to refresh or revitalizes the skin. The unique composition of Dead Sea minerals help to deep cleanse your skin, tone it, removes extra oil from the skin leaving a firm and radiant looking skin behind.

 Price: Rs. 449

  Quinta Essentia- Organic Lavender Hair Mask

 Food for your hair and skin- Quinta Essentia Organic Lavender Hair Mask is formulated with more than 80% certified organic ingredients. It is a pre-shampoo hair mask. You can apply on the scalp and on the full hair length. It is a leave on hair mask. You can leave it on your hair for overnight or for just 2 hours.

 Price: Rs. 650

  LUJOBOX- Beauty Blender

 My makeup routine is incomplete without a makeup blender. With this LUJOBOX, I have received a beauty blender for an impeccable or streak free application of foundation, concealer or cream.

Price: Rs. 599

Complimentary Free Gift

With the subscription of the LUJOBOX, I have received a complimentary free gift of AQUA BLISS travelling kit. The travelling kit includes mini packs of shower gel, body lotion, shampoo & conditioner.   


  •    I just loved the WILD EARTH’S body butter. Texture is so smooth and non-sticky. It does moisturize your skin well in winters.
  •    Excess oil was removed after I washed off the Mud Mask. My skin looked refreshed.
  •    However, I was not impressed with the Crayon gel eyeliner. It does smudge on my eyes and color also fades away after sometime.
  •    As for the hair mask, I loved the fragrance and texture of the mask. My hair was soft and shiny. Easily de-tangled too.


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