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Unboxing Lujobox By Aashna Malani

Unboxing Lujobox By Aashna Malani

Are you ready with your beauty essentials? ❤️ Get your Lujobox with Kamaakshi Botanicals
carrot seed face mask, Vedantika Herbals liquorice and oats body scrub, Seer Secrets active
silver ion deodorant, The Nature's Co. blueberry oil hydro face gel and STEEL PARIS eyeliner
max black smooth ✨ Full unboxing also on Insta Stories 🌸 #AashnaMalani x #Lujobox 
with STEEL PARIS, The Style Silhouette, Vedantika Herbals, Kamaakshi Botanicals,
The Nature's Co., Lujobox and Seer Secrets.



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